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Find new clients: Twitter tips for business

Screen shot of twitter conversation - find new clients

Twitter tips for business: Find new clients

How to find new clients – Twitter tips

This week I found a new website designer on Twitter – after months of pulling my hair out because of issues with my WordPress website. My website designer, who was happy to build my site, is now far too busy for me, so he never returns my calls or emails.

Out of frustration, I posted this message on Twitter this week:

URGENT #Wordpress expert needed to help with reply function on blog posts.

Within five hours, I had more than 10 tweets (and a couple of emails) from website designers and various geeks offering to help.

Two stood out – they actually took the trouble of taking a look at my website before tweeting back suggestions. At no point was there any talk of charges or business.
They were trying to help someone with a problem – me.

One even asked for log in details to my site and offered to have a nosey round the back end of my site. He direct-messaged me 10 minutes later to say he’d fixed the problem.

No money mentioned

WOW! Note – he was still not mentioning payment at all. I DM-ed back – asking how much I owed him and whether he’d be interested in some work – as this issue was the tip of the iceberg of problems on my site.

He said he didn’t want money for fixing it and if I’d send him the list of problems, he’d take a look and give me a quote. He also at this point sent me a link to his site and blog, firmly establishing his credibility as an expert – just in case I still had any doubts. He’d bowled me over, kicking sand in the eyes of any other website designer or agency who’d contacted me.

I’m more than happy to try his services. (I’d be delighted to mention names, which would probably lead to more business for him via word-of-mouth referrals on social media, but he’s asked me to hold off as he’s quite busy. I can see why.

Twitter tips for business – lessons you can learn from this

  1. Monitor conversations relevant to your business by using the Twitter search or hashtag function – create columns in Tweetdeck to help you monitor the terms – in this case #Wordpress
  2. Offer to solve a potential customer’s problem
  3. Don’t do a hard sell or talk money
  4. Be authentic and genuine
  5. Do your homework
  6. Follow through with website links and blog to establish your credibility

Have you used Twitter successfully to get business? I’d love to hear from you and have more tips to share with businesses.

And, if you need help creating effective social media strategies to grow your business – contact me for an informal chat.