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Questions to ask your website designer

Screen shot of web design page

How to choose the right website designer for you

Your business needs a website – but how do you find the right website designer for you? Your site should be one of your main marketing tools, so don’t take this decision lightly.

Read my cautionary tale about rogue website designers out there – and the 8 questions you MUST ask a website designer before signing on the dotted line.

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If you don’t – you may end up spending a fortune for a website that doesn’t do what you want it to do – or finding yourself being held ransom by a developer who doesn’t want to hand over control of your site. Be warned!

But of course, that doesn’t mean all website designers are out to rip you off. Many are great and will do a good job – but knowing what to look out for is the only way to find the right designer for you.