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The business of writing – work for yourself

Screen shot of an article on another website - Inspired Mums

My interview on Inspired Mums

My business was recently featured on Inspired Mums – where I was interviewed about my transition from journalism to setting up my own communications and PR business.

I can’t remember ever being on the receiving end of an interview before – apart from job interviews of course – as I’m always the one doing the interviewing. It made for an interesting change to answer questions about why I started my business and what the best and most challenging part are of working for myself.

The best and worst things about working for yourself

The best thing about working for myself – is the flexibility it allows me to be there for my family and the ability to choose the projects I want to work on.

The most challenging is to stay motivated and confident when I’m having an off day and to make sure I don’t become too isolated.

What would I have done differently?

Another interesting question – was: What would I have done differently when I set up my own business – with the benefit of hindsight?

Well, that’s easy – I should have started working for myself earlier, rather than waiting for others to create opportunities for me. I finally decided to take the plunge after becoming increasingly fed up reporting to people, sometimes less creative and experienced, and in limiting roles because I wanted to have a flexible role. I also really liked the idea of choosing the type of projects that excited me, rather than having to be given assignments that bored me to tears.

Do you work for yourself? What do you think the best and worst parts of working for yourself are? Do you have any tips to share for people thinking about setting up on their own?

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