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Best online marketing tips for your business in 2016

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Marketing tips for small businesses and SMEs

Are you feeling quite chirpy about your business and what you’ve achieved this year? Or are you sobbing into your festive cocktails about a lack of clients?

Online marketing for small and medium-sized businesses will continue to grow in 2016 and if you’ve been sticking your head in the sand and operating without a website, social media or email newsletters, you’re missing out on hundreds of potential new leads for your business every month.

Best online marketing tips for your business in 2016 

A good website is a must

This is a no-brainer in any industry because even if people don’t find you this way – and they should – potential customers will want to check out your online credentials before doing business with you. What is a good website? A relatively simple design which is mobile responsive with good navigation. You want it to be search-engine optimised for relevant keyword phrases and it needs a blog page and sign-up form to your newsletter to help capture the email addresses of potential clients. Don’t waste your money on flashy websites that cost a fortune. Read my guest post for Talented Ladies Club about 8 questions  your MUST ask  your website designer before you have a website designed or updated.

Update your site often

Blogging is the easiest way to do this. Static websites are ignored by Google, so it’s important to add new content on a regular basis – and it goes without saying that the content has to be interesting and relevant for your target audience.

Don’t ignore social

Being active on social media is not only an important way of engaging your audience, but also gives you Google juice, which helps with the ranking of your website. Don’t overdo it or make it complicated. Choose 2 channels e.g. Facebook or Linked In which you know are regularly used by your audience and post relevant, entertaining information on a consistent basis.

TIP: Keep selling on here to a minimum – the whole point is to get people interested in what you have to say and lure them to your website – where they’ll find your offers or newsletter sign-up and enter your sphere of influence.

Grow your database

If you don’t yet have a newsletter – get one! Even if you only send out a newsletter every other month – you have a golden opportunity to get offers and other information to people who are already warm leads because they’ve agreed to receive information from you. Have a prominent sign-up form on your website and Facebook Page and offer people something of value e.g. a discount, video or e-book for FREE to persuade them to sign up.

Use great images 

Always include images on your newsletters and blog posts – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net is a good source for free photographs – but remember to follow their guidelines for crediting the photographer and company.

Use free design software is a great tool to design fantastic headers for your social media pages, already customised to fit the space you need it for. You can also use it to design your own business cards, email newsletter headers and advertisements – no design costs involved!

Do experiment with Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is the new Pay-per-click! Pay-per-click advertising on Google can be very expensive and you can lose an awful lot of money quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Facebook Advertising on the other hand, is simple, quick and very affordable and can target very specific audiences – e.g. women between the ages of 30-40 in a certain geographical area whose interests are beauty products and fashion.

Have a plan

One of the biggest mistakes I see, is people frittering away money on advertising or other forms of marketing, without having a clear strategy of who they’re targeting and what they want to achieve. Setting goals and measuring your marketing activities on an ongoing basis is the only way you’ll know if what you’re doing and spending your money on is worthwhile.

I’d like to wish all my lovely clients and anyone reading this post a wonderful new year with lots of success for your business.

If you need help with your online marketing or PR, take a look at my small business packages and let’s have a chat about how I could help your business to grow in 2016.  

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Find new clients: Twitter tips for business

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Twitter tips for business: Find new clients

How to find new clients – Twitter tips

This week I found a new website designer on Twitter – after months of pulling my hair out because of issues with my WordPress website. My website designer, who was happy to build my site, is now far too busy for me, so he never returns my calls or emails.

Out of frustration, I posted this message on Twitter this week:

URGENT #Wordpress expert needed to help with reply function on blog posts.

Within five hours, I had more than 10 tweets (and a couple of emails) from website designers and various geeks offering to help.

Two stood out – they actually took the trouble of taking a look at my website before tweeting back suggestions. At no point was there any talk of charges or business.
They were trying to help someone with a problem – me.

One even asked for log in details to my site and offered to have a nosey round the back end of my site. He direct-messaged me 10 minutes later to say he’d fixed the problem.

No money mentioned

WOW! Note – he was still not mentioning payment at all. I DM-ed back – asking how much I owed him and whether he’d be interested in some work – as this issue was the tip of the iceberg of problems on my site.

He said he didn’t want money for fixing it and if I’d send him the list of problems, he’d take a look and give me a quote. He also at this point sent me a link to his site and blog, firmly establishing his credibility as an expert – just in case I still had any doubts. He’d bowled me over, kicking sand in the eyes of any other website designer or agency who’d contacted me.

I’m more than happy to try his services. (I’d be delighted to mention names, which would probably lead to more business for him via word-of-mouth referrals on social media, but he’s asked me to hold off as he’s quite busy. I can see why.

Twitter tips for business – lessons you can learn from this

  1. Monitor conversations relevant to your business by using the Twitter search or hashtag function – create columns in Tweetdeck to help you monitor the terms – in this case #Wordpress
  2. Offer to solve a potential customer’s problem
  3. Don’t do a hard sell or talk money
  4. Be authentic and genuine
  5. Do your homework
  6. Follow through with website links and blog to establish your credibility

Have you used Twitter successfully to get business? I’d love to hear from you and have more tips to share with businesses.

And, if you need help creating effective social media strategies to grow your business – contact me for an informal chat.